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Professional Headlight Restoration Kit

SKU: 760


Many Vehicles today have hazy, cloudy, or yellowed headlight lenses caused by the sun's UV rays. Unfortunately this leads to poor vehicle appearance and compromises safety. With reduced night-time visibility road hazards become even more dangerous.


HEADLIGHT RESTORATION is a very exciting service that will boost your bottom line, excite your customers, and bring you more business! Headlight restoration is a great and profitable addition that will compliment your windshield repair or auto service business.


* WHY CLEAR COAT???.....Not all Headlight Restoration systems are created equal! The Liquid Resins Headlight Restoration system uses a special UV Blocking Clear Coat that stops the sun's rays in its tracks! When utilizing our UV Blocking Clear Coat, lenses will stay bright and clear for years!

Kit Includes!

Part# Qty. Description
760-CLEARCOAT 1 Headlight Restoration Clearcoat
760-POLISH 1 Headlight Polish (1.5 oz)
760-BAKPAD 2 Backer Pad
760-BAKPAD-KNOB 1 Knob For Backer Pad
760-DRILLADAPTER 1 Drill Adapter For Backer Pad
760-POLPAD 1 Polishing Pad
760-FOAM-BRUSH 1 Brush for clearcoat
760-BRUSH-CLOTH 1 Microfiber Cloth For Streak-Free Shine
760-SD320 1 320 grit sanding disc
760-SD600 3 600 grit sanding disc
760-SD1000 3 1000 grit sanding disc
760-SD2000 3 2000 grit sanding disc
760-STEPCHART 1 Quick Reference Stepchart
760-DVD 1 Headlight Restoration Instructional DVD
760-FOAM-INSERT 1 Foam Organizer
760-CASE 1 Case For Headlight Restoration Kit

WAS $139.00

Price: $129.95