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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What makes Liquid Resins International, Ltd. the preferred company in Windshield Glass Repair?


A. The founders of Liquid Resins International, Ltd. a Windshield Repair Business, have been providing Windshield Repair Services, Windshield Glass Repair Kits, tools and resins to do Windshield Repair for over 25 years. During that time thousands of customers from every state in the nation and over 50 foreign countries have purchased products from Liquid Resins International, Ltd. Our customers appreciate our competitive pricing, quality products, fast friendly service and technical assistance.

In June of 2000, Liquid Resins purchased A.C.T. -Autoglass Claims Team, an insurance billing service for Windshield Repair.

By acquiring A.C.T., Liquid Resins is now in the unique position of being able to directly pay our customers for every repair they perform utilizing A.C.T.'s services. That's right...we pay you, which means your customers don't have to pay a dime. What an easy sell.

If you compare apples to apples, Liquid Resins offers the best all around buy! Our customers know we care!



Q. How much does it cost to start a Windshield Repair Business?


A. That depends. Liquid Resins International, Ltd. has several Windshield Glass Repair Kits to choose from. Our Basic Kit is only $499.95 and has enough resin to do approx. 80 repairs in the initial supply! Our Super Deluxe Kit is $1,799 and has enough resin to do approx. 500 repairs and two resin pumps to do two breaks at the same time! Since you can work right from your own home, it isn't necessary to buy or rent business space. You should, however, get liability insurance quotes and have some funds set aside for advertising. Compared to other businesses, the LIQUID RESINS Windshield Repair System is very affordable! Remember, you get what you pay for ...



Q. Is windshield repair hard to learn?


A. No. In a nutshell, your goal is to fill all the cracks & crevices with resin. This is accomplished by using cycles of vacuum and pressure. Once the cracks & crevices are filled, the resin is cured (hardened) by shutting off the oxygen and exposing it to ultraviolet light. Liquid Resins International, Ltd. has the best video training course available in the windshield repair industry. It is very detailed and easy to follow. An in depth training manual is also available. For those individuals who prefer hands on training, we offer a one or two day course that will get you started with confidence! As in most things, practice makes perfect.



Q. There seem to be so many different windshield repair systems, why is Liquid Resins' the best?


A. Several good reasons, the best being... We Pay You!!!...but there's more...


1. Our patented Resin Pump allows air to be vacuumed out first! With our design, resin is loaded into an upper chamber and once the vacuum is drawn, the resin can be released from above. When the air flow is reversed, vacuum under the resin pulls it into the cracks & crevices and air pressure above the resin pushes it in. Most systems on the market deposit the resin first & then vacuum the air out through the resin. Our method is faster & time is money!


2. Our Resin Pump can be used with or without an external vacuum pump.


3. Our Resin Pump has a built in steel probe to help speed the repair.


4. Because of the design of the Resin Pump, it can be used on vertical glass (for truck & bus windshields) without an adapter.


5. The Resin Pump has a patented cam-lock which allows the technician to lock the injector and let it work for you while your hands are freed to work on something else at the same time!


6. The Resin Pump holding device is easy to use! There is only one suction cup to place near the break rather than three or four to line up simultaneously. The arm that holds the Resin Pump adjusts so that it is easy to place the tip over the impact area! (Even if the break is only 1/8" from the edge of the windshield!)


7. The Resin Pump utilizes a white boot-like tip to seal against the glass rather than dark o-ring seals used by other injectors.


8. At the end of the repair, any unused resin can be recaptured and kept inside the Resin Pump to be used toward the next repair! This conserves resin and saves money.


9. The Resin Pump is very light weight and easy to work with. If dropped, it won't crack the glass or chip the paint.


10. Last, but not least, the Liquid Resins International, Ltd. patented Resin Pump carries a Lifetime Warranty. There is no better warranty on the market. We stand behind our equipment and will repair or replace your Resin Pump free as long as you own it!!



Q. What about resins, aren't they all the same?


A. Absolutely not! The best quality resins have excellent adhesive strength and maintain clarity for extended periods. Since the only thing you leave behind after repairing a windshield is the cured resin, the resin you use is very important to maintaining a good reputation. Here at Liquid Resins International, Ltd. the first test is an adhesive strength test. If the formula fails this test, it is discarded. If it completes the test, then weathering tests are conducted to see how well the resin will maintains its clarity. When you stop and think about it, the difference you pay for a quality resin compared to a cheap resin on a per repair basis is only pennies. Most people agree that their reputations are worth a lot more than that!! The last thing you want is repairs reopening and/or discoloring.



Q. Is there any advantage to acid free resins?


A. Since some people have allergic reactions to resins containing acid, resins that contain no acid allow them to continue to offer windshield repair to their customers. However, acrylic acid has been proven to be an ingredient which improves adhesive strength and is possibly the best known adhesive for glass! All but one of the resins featured in the Liquid Resins International, Ltd. catalog contain a small percentage of acrylic acid to ensure the adhesive strength. It should be noted that most people have a certain amount of tolerance to the chemicals that make up resin and have no noticeable side effects, however, Liquid Resins International, Ltd. does offer "Protect II" (a skin protectant) for preventive maintenance.



Q. Does Liquid Resins International, Ltd. offer any marketing assistance?


A. Liquid Resins International, Ltd. is primarily a windshield repair equipment and resin supply house, however, one whole section of our extensive training manual is devoted to offering ideas on setting up the business of windshield repair. The manual includes a business startup check list, how to deal with insurance companies, sample introductory letters, sample news releases, sample forms, advertising ideas and sample ads, face to face selling etc. We also offer a customized color marketing flyer. Liquid Resins' friendly sales staff is also available for consultation during regular business hours Central Standard Time.



Q. Okay, how do I place an order with Liquid Resins International, Ltd.


A. It's easy. You can E-mail us at

Fax us at 618 392-3202, call us toll free at

800 458-2098
(U.S. & Canada) or write to us at PO Box 760 Olney, IL 62450. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER & AMERICAN EXPRESS. In the United States we will ship on a C.O.D. basis. As a general rule, orders placed by noon CST are shipped UPS or Priority Mail the same day! Foreign orders are shipped as soon as payment in U.S. funds is received.


Liquid Resins International, Ltd. .... The Best in Windshield Repair Equipment and Resins.