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IT'S HERE! The New MVP360 Injector and Bridge Assembly by Liquid Resins International, Ltd. depicted here with the optional MicroVac attached.


The MVP360 Stainless Steel Precision Injector is designed to work with or without an external vacuum source the same as LRI's non-metallic Resinator. When used in conjunction with an external vacuum pump, the MVP360 can achieve true "dry vacuum" and then use the vacuum inside the break to quickly draw the resin into the cracks and crevices!


The new MVP360 bridge has a small footprint, attaches to the glass without moisture at the flip of a lever! The bridge is open allowing more light and better viewing of the break while in the repair process. With two leveling screws, the MVP360 bridge will adapt to the curvature of virtually any windshield.


The MicroVac can be attached directly to the MVP360 or the original RQT Resinator. Maximum vacuum is achieved with only five button presses! Small enough to carry in your shirt or pant pocket!

It's here! Liquid Resins International, Ltd. is proud to introduce its new MVP360_KWIK_KIT.

This kit is for the discriminating professional windshield repair technician. The kit features LRI's new MVP360 Resinator injector made of commercial grade, resin compatible stainless steel, the new MVP360 bridge with a light weight aluminum open platform that adjusts laterally and horizontally, 2 leveling screws and a surefire flip-lever suction device and the new MVP Micro Vac which is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket and strong enough to pull twenty inches of mercury!.

Also included in each kit are 2 bottles of resin, curing sheets, a small battery operated curing lamp, cleaning brushes a single-edge razor blade holder, a 6 inch probe, and 1 inspection mirror. The introductory price is only $649.00 and can be recaptured after repairing approximately twenty windshields.

Kit Includes!
Qty. Description
1 MVP 360 Aluminum Holding Device w/360 View Area
1 MVP 360 Stainless Steel Injector
1 MVP 360 MicroVac Vacuum Pump
1 Battery Powered UV Lamp
1 1/2 oz Green Cap Resin (40 cps)
1 1/2 oz Super Hard Pit Filler (4,000 cps)
1 MVP 360 Training DVD
1 Razor Blade Holder
1 Laminated Step by Step Repair Chart
25 Curing Sheets
1 Carrying Case w/Foam Cutout
1 6" Probe
1 Round Inspection Mirror
Price: $649.00