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Resinator QT

SKU: 159

The Liquid Resins Resinator Q.T.
(Quad Tread) is the most advanced and versatile windshield repair system
on the market today. Our system is the first allow a vacuum to be
applied to the break before resin ever touches the glass (dry-vac). This
feature allows the technician to pull almost all the air out of the break
before injecting resin, unlike other systems that require the technician
to perform tedious and time consuming pressure/vacuum cycles with very
limited vacuum abilities therefore sacrificing the time of the technician
and the appearance of the repair.


With the Resinator Quad Thread
the technician can tackle many repairs that with other systems would have
to be turned away (therefore costing YOU money). The Resinator Q.T. can be
used very easily on vertical glass WITHOUT resin leaking backwards out of
the injector.


The R.Q.T saves money because
resin can be stored in the injector for virtually an infinite amount of
time between repairs.


The R.Q.T. is resin friendly and
is made of materials that are specifically designed to be exposed for
extended periods of time to the chemicals used in windshield repair
resins. Our injector is made from a space-aged polypropylene with an ultra
violet inhibitor. This means that the injector will not allow the resin to
cure inside the equipment, which with our competitors would in most cases
ruin the injector. The o-ring seals in the R.Q.T. are also made of a
proprietary space-age material that does not allow the resin to
deteriorate the o-ring and cause it to fail prematurely as with many other
systems out there.


The R.Q.T. is also VERY low
maintenance. Since the R.Q.T. is made from materials that are designed for
the resins being used the injector is right at home with the resin.
Most other systems require that the injector be cleaned daily if not every
time it's used. Also the seals in the R.Q.T. are very reliable and cost
effective, the white tips that the R.Q.T. uses to seal against the glass
are only $0.99 and need only be replaced every 10 to 15 repairs, the two
internal o-ring seals are only $1.47 each and need to be replaced usually
only once per year.


Liquid Resins has been the clear
professional choice for over 4,000 customers worldwide for the last 20
years! If you have any questions about the products that we offer then
call us at 1-800-458-2098


Comes With! Resinator Q.T. with holding device, resin pump box, depth key, o-ring pick, 2 spare large o-rings, 2 spare small o-rings, 2 spare tips, and ultra violet screen.

Price: $269.00